Aug 27, 2011

This is it - Weather the storm

"Two Zen monks in robes and shaved heads, one young, one old, sitting side by side cross-legged on the floor. The younger one is looking somewhat quizzically at the older one, who is turned toward him and saying "Nothing happens next. This is it."
(from The New Yorker)

I'm always waiting for what is next instead of focusing on what is now.

There are people at this very moment (and you may be one of them) concerned, worried, scared in terms of Hurricane Irene and the damage, destruction and death she will bring.

I would worry for my family and for all of those I love. I would also have compassion and concern for elderly people living alone in their homes without anyone to come and help them. Can you imagine being 80+yrs old and you really never leave your house/apartment unless it is for a medical appointment and you are suddenly alone in the dark unable to manage a safer situation - knowing that no one even realizes you are there?

What about those suffering from mental illness who are living perhaps in a basement apartment with their only friend in life - a dog - who serves as their only contact, their only source of warmth, affection and loyalty? They haven't been able to work for years because they are hearing voices or they are crippled by depression. They live in poverty and they have to fight the demons in their minds day in , day out. Their family and friends have given up on them because they have chosen fear over awareness, compassion and support. Where are these people going? How do they re-locate?

Nature's destruction is nothing new, it's always there lurking in the background and when it makes its way to the forefront it has no mercy. It will happen again and again in ones lifetime, we will all face some terrible storm and its aftermath.

We will be lifted off our feet and spun around in the air before our crash landing. When the sky breaks and the sun returns, we just have to hope that someone is there to reach out and put us back on our feet and re-assure us that "this is it."

Wishing everyone a safe lock down surrounded by people you love and the thoughtfulness of including those who are less fortunate but just as deserving.

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