What do you want to be when you grow up?

Okay - so here is how it works.

We are born into a family we do not get to choose. Some of us win the lotto while others certainly do not.

We all want mostly the same things: love, acceptance, success (in what matters to us and how we define "success"), adventure, fun, friends, friends with benefits (for the dry periods), health (should have put that first), happiness and a dog named Fred (just go with it).

Here's what happens. We grow up thinking we are one person and then as we grow older we realize we are several persons (or people in proper English but it didn't sound as good). I don't mean split personality (also known as Borderline and more recently Disassociated), I mean we just become a whole different bunch of the original version of us.

I'll clarify. I grew up a Tomboy. I wanted to be a police woman. I fought with my brothers and challenged the boys at school (headlocks were my specialty). Then I grew up and realized I was barely 5'1, 105lbs soaking wet, not comfortable with guns and oh my if you put me behind the wheel of a police car, I would be arrested.

Okay so re-evaluated and decided I was going to be a forest ranger. Why? Because when my family went on our annual, summer trip to Vermont (beautiful State - think green mountains, flowing brooks - wait - wrong - we went to Burlington - think strip malls, Howard Johnson's and mini putt) and we'd be riding in the car (feeling nauseous because my dad had this way of driving with his foot constantly on and off the gas pedal) and I'd see these white golf ball tower looking things (I'm very good at descriptions) way off in the mountains and when I asked my mom what they were - she replied "Those are the towers the Forest Rangers work in so they can see if there is a fire") I thought - what an amazing job - it's like being a fireman except you live in a golf ball and you don't have to put out fires, you just have to look for them.

When we arrived at Howard Johnson's (and sang "We're here because we're here because we're here - I think you get it - my mom made us sing this each time we arrived at the hotel or was it a motel) and finished our orange juice and Drake's coffee cakes (how great are those?), my mom took me to the bookstore (in the strip mall behind the hotel) and bought me a book about being a Forest Ranger. While I was reading the book by the pool, the maintenance man (named Dan the Man by me and my brothers cause he let us hang out with him every day and he gave us free chocolate bars and pop from the machines that he had the keys to - how cool was that?) was sitting on a mowing machine doing the lawn. I went up with my brother and asked for a ride and he let us go on the back and then he took us to see his tool shed and let us help him plant grass (did you know you have to plant grass?) I was so excited and inspired that I decided I wanted to be a hotel maintenance man.

Then my dad took us go-karting. He was friends with the owner of this place in Mallets Bay - near Burlington - it was a fun centre with go karting, bumper cars, bowling, roller skating and there were great eats like pogos, cotton candy, ice cream so I gave it some thought and decided I wanted to be a fun park owner. I could eat pogos and ride go karts and roller skate and that would be my job! How cool is that?

Anyway I never was a Forest Ranger or a Hotel Maintenance Man or a Fun Park Owner (not that there is anything wrong with any of those careers). Actually I ended up being a writer. I'm not sure what a writer does other than speak on paper and share odd thoughts with other people but I'm pretty sure it defines me, it's who I am , what I am and even though I don't live in a giant golf ball or have the keys to a chocolate bar machine, I can still write about it and that's pretty damn cool.

What do you want to be when you grow up?