9/11 - Love Someone

I am not going to write a funny post today or tomorrow. I can't.

As 9/11 reaches it's 10th anniversary, I pause, I shudder and I feel sick to my stomach.

It was horrific and for those who lost a loved one and/or witnessed it and its after shock, they will continue to experience it day in, day out.

When we sit bedside in a hospital and spend those last few hours with someone dying of Cancer, their bodies, their face, their overall appearance a far cry from what they once were - we tend to remember that terrible end over all of the lifetime memories that made that person so special in our lives. It takes a long time to move forward from that final squeeze of the hand, that kiss goodbye on the forehead and all the regrets - the I should of, I could of, I wish I had.

We lose people we love, people who are a part of us and define our very being. There are those final images, the devastation, the suffering, the pain and there are those reels and reels of film just waiting to be played in the scaffolds of our mind.

There is where we find the better times. There is where we need to find ourselves.

Tomorrow I am going to spend the day with someone I love. It's an ideal situation with the understanding that it's not a matter of whether it will ever change, it's the certainty that it will.

Wishing everyone Peace, Love & Friendship - the basis of all that is wonderful in this world.