Making Love & Being in Love

Being in love is an incredibly powerful feeling. It carries you from every day oblivion into a mind-blowing cluster of intense passion and desire.

I don't know why we fall in love with certain people. Honestly I don't think there is that much thought put into it; it just happens and that is what makes it so amazing.

But there is nothing quite as intense and hypnotic as those first few months together making love.

When I think of being in love and making love, I think of deep, warm kisses and scrumptious hugs. I think of lying in bed in the dark, buried under the covers, speaking softly about things that I share no where else and with no one else. I think of how magical it felt to melt into one another; nothing in-between except the energy of our lustful love.

I am reminded of the stillness.

Can you bring yourself back to those moments when you let down all your guards? When you gave of yourself and felt "everything", when you disconnected from the world and all of your worries and responsibilities long enough to lose yourself in the magic of it all?

When you are in love you pretty much eat, sleep and breathe "happy" chemicals. Everything seems brighter, better and effortless. It's a drug you become addicted to; you can't wait for your next hit and you feel as if you cannot live without it.

I remember lovers eyes - open, wide open just for me to take a journey through to their heart and soul.

I remember heart beats and sighs - laying on his chest, his heart beating in my ear, his breath rising and falling beneath my body.

I remember his mouth, his tongue, his lips all dancing across my body in kisses and soft brushes painting my skin and drinking the desire from my pours.

There is nothing quite as magical or hypnotic.

Of course like all the circles of life, it begins and it ends and other things get in the way.

The best part remains the "in-between."

That's where we experience the rush and deeply inhale, slowly exhale and find ourselves truly in the moment hoping to hold on to that feeling all the while knowing it will vanish.

All the magical fairy dust sprinkles and speckles and blows away.

Falling in love is falling under a spell.

Making love is a fruitful, fantastic waltz that moves and sways beautifully into the darkness and the light.

And with the right person at the right time; there is nothing quite like it.