Without Love We Would All Dissapear

When we start out in life, we have our family and our friends and through them we discover ourselves.

We experiment with different things and different people and the day comes when we find someone - the missing part to our puzzle that was up until then - strewn across the carpet in pieces - no pairs, no fits.

Letting someone in is scary. We do it bit by bit. We test the waters. We reach out our souls and wait for them to stir and shake.

When things are great, we laugh, we love, we live.

When things are shaky, we hold on tight and we pull back in order to protect ourselves knowing that if we don't - no one else will.

Sometimes we love someone so much that we feel ourselves dissolving into their pores and suddenly there is an imbalance of love, power and trust.

We take chances every time we give love, make love and fall in love.

It's a roll of the dice and the stakes are high.

It's tasting, feeling, living and breathing.

It's love and without it, we would all dissapear.