Apr 6, 2012

Who do you miss this holiday weekend?

So it's a long holiday weekend. A few days off of work - good - missing someone who was around this time last year - not so good. 

That's the thing about holidays. They are a respite from work and our daily routines but they are also a reminder of the unexpected changes we have experienced and the people we have lost. 

 As we sit around the dining room table and enjoy a meal that brings everyone together at one time under one roof. We notice the empty chairs and we hear the voices and the laughter of those who have vanished from our lives. 

There are sweet reminders and there are sad ones and somehow they all mix together in our hearts and in our souls and they make the butterflies in our stomachs dance and sway. 

And it's not just about those who have passed from this life, no, the memories and the pain of those we have broken up with, divorced/split from come pouring in. They are no longer there beside us. They are no longer part of your part of the family. They may very well be sitting at someone else's dining room table surrounded by a new extended family. 

When you split with someone you have truly loved and have seen on a daily basis for years; it's surreal. It's like starting all over again in a way. There are days when you wake up and forget they are not beside you in bed and there are nights when you go to bed with someone else and think of them. 

 Memories are crafty and they play games with our minds. They toss and turn us and make us think of things we no longer want to think about and things we still want to think about even if it does us no good. 

 Have you ever seen the facial expression of someone invited to a holiday dinner who has just become single? Have you ever looked into their vacant eyes and found them floating in mid-air? They're lost. They're going in this direction and that direction and they just don't seem to be getting anywhere. You want to reach out and hold them and re-assure them that they will meet someone new - there's someone out there for them - it just takes some time and then you thank God it's not you. 

 Have a great long weekend and may those you have lost know somehow, somewhere how much you miss them and that real love is endless and may those you have parted from know that you loved them in your lifetime and they loved you and that's pretty damn incredible. 

 Love, Love, Love. That's really what it is all about.

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