Spirits That Hum

If you sit down

on the grass

in the sun

with the wind




for spirits

of souls you have loved

you will hear them

if you let your mind

at ease

and stop thinking

they will come to you

and speak

with a whisper

you will feel them

in the tall grass

with your fingertips

their voices

will tell you

they miss you

as much

as you miss them

they'll surround you


they leave you

they won't tell you

where they are going

just that you can't follow

you'll stand up and walk away

and just when you think

they will never return

the wind will blow

the sun will shine

and somewhere in the distance

you will hear

a hum

Falling Asleep to Shadows on the Wall

It’s that moment when you turn off the lights to go to sleep.

But sleep doesn’t come.

Shadows invite you to dance with them on the wall.

Your mind drifts along a river of worry and questions – so many questions.

There are trivial thoughts such as the list of things to do that you didn’t do and whether you have a stomach ache from the dessert you ate or was it that sandwich with all the mayonnaise you had for lunch?

Then the heavyweights move in. You miss those whom are no longer with you. Whether it’s a break up, a divorce or they have passed from this world;there is always going to be an emptiness in the depth of your gut.

There are many “what ifs?” and “what’s next?”

There’s a true appreciation for all that you have – for the person lying beside you, for your  children sound asleep, for the parents you so dearly love, some with you, some gone and some hanging on for dear life.

There’s money. There’s always money. It shouldn't be in the same pool of thoughts but it is because we face the challenge every day as we work harder and longer and wonder - "Is this really what I want to spend my life doing?"

There’s utter fear.

One in 3.

All of those you know who have already been affected and the looming question in the back of your mind - "Am I next?"

There’s something to look forward to – a vacation – a holiday – time away to relax and rejuvenate and to be with people you love more than life itself.

There’s a birthday, an anniversary, a reunion, a wedding and welcoming a new life into the world.
It's all part of the circle in which we find ourselves spinning.

And wrapped up in those moments before you fall asleep, you are always alone no matter how many people surround you.
You catch your breath just long enough to count your blessings and then you count them again making sure they are all still there.

Sleep pulls you in and just before you close your eyes, the last shadow dances across the wall and glows reminding you that life is precious and tomorrow is another day.