I Will Never Stop Looking For You

It’s getting dark.

I’m heading home.

You won’t be there.

I’ll eat alone.

I’ll wonder how I ended up

Where I’ve ended up.

I’ll put on the TV but I won’t watch.

I’ll open up a book but I won’t read.

I’ll get into bed but I won’t sleep.

I’ll stare at the walls.

The shadows staring back at me.

I’ll close my eyes.

I’ll hear your voice.

I’ll see your face.

Your lips will move.

I’ll ask the question

That everyone asks

But you won’t answer

You’ll walk away

Into the white

Into nothing

I won’t get to tell you

What I should have told you...

You are the rhythm

As I breathe in

As I breathe out

You are the reason I am here

In the black

Bumping into everything

I love you

I feel you somewhere



And as you continue to fade

As you move further away

As every memory of you

Comes crashing down

I will open my eyes

I will bite my lip

Until it bleeds

So I know

I can still bleed

I will move on

To where I saw you last

In the mist

In the clouds

In some place I’ve never been

Hopeless, Hopeful,

Always and Forever

I'll become a searchlight


I will never stop looking for you

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