Aug 15, 2014

Your Dog is Always There For You

Your dog is there for you
Not sometimes
Not maybe
Not never
But always

He waits for you
He watches you
He is your best friend

And when you are alone
Living alone
A marriage or relationship in the past
Your dog is your present
Your dog is your future

He is your Saturday night date
Your excuse that is not an excuse
For just staying home

He will watch your favorite TV show
He will listen to your ongoing commentary
He will tilt his head and do his best to understand
Whatever dribble is coming from your mouth

                                              R.I.P. Buster 

He will want to share all of the moments of his life
With all the moments of yours
And then he will want more
More than time can give
In the short life he lives

A dog is a gift
He comes and goes
He teaches you to love life
To love unconditionally
To love him
To love yourself
Even if you feel no one else does

There are no stronger feelings
Than those between a dog and his owner
You can say your children
But many will tell you
Their children grow up and move out
Their children start lives of their own

But your dog never starts a life of his own
He only lives one life and that entire life is with you

A dog won’t notice if you gain weight
Or if your hair turns grey
He won’t notice if you can’t fit into your old jeans
Or if your chin doubles

He will sense if you are sad
He will sense if you are lost
Always helping you find your way
Back to yourself

He will have you under his watch
From the moment you meet until the moment you part
Giving you the greatest, purest taste of love
A constant reminder of what we are here for

So kiss your dog
And if he is gone
Think of him
And he will know you are thinking of him
For he is all around you
Making sure you never forget
What love is

And one day
You will be side by side

And he will greet you
As if you went out for groceries
And finally came home

It will be a celebration
Of an unbreakable bond
That flows between you and him
And dances beyond the clouds
Drifts through the sky
And joins you in an everlasting waltz

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