Apr 14, 2017

People You Will Meet in Your Life

·         Someone who makes you feel like 2 cents.
·         Someone who makes you feel like a million dollars.
·         A friend who never grew up.
·         A friend who never had the chance to be a kid.
·         Someone more successful than you.
·         Someone in need of a hand up not a hand out.
·         A co-worker who makes your life impossible.
·         A co-worker who enriches your life.
·         A mentor.
·         Someone for you to mentor.
·         A teacher who changes the course of your life.
·         A lover you are addicted to and can never have.
·         Someone who will hurt you because they have been hurt.
·         Someone who teaches you how to love yourself by loving you first.
·         An offensive, unpleasant, aggressive individual who upsets you to your very core.
·         A warm, engaging soul who nurtures you in every way and makes you whole.
·         Friends who are there at the beginning and the end of every beginning

                               And those who love you 
                                 enough to meet you  
                              somewhere in the middle.
                             Wherever that may be...

You will meet so many different people in your life. Some bring positive energy - others not so much. Focus on the people who are by your side when you are down on the floor - broken and spent assuring you that everything will be okay even if they are not sure of that themselves. 

It only takes one great person to remind you why you are here...

Who is your great person?

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