Aug 14, 2017

What the FAUDA? Get me an Ativan!

After hearing so much about the Netflix series - Fauda - from friends and family I finally decided to check it out - give it a go.

I would not have hesitated but I saw there were subtitles and I wasn't sure if I could read, eat chips and watch a show all at the same time. I knew this was going to be a big responsibility and I had to be ready for it.

Once I started watching - I realized that the subtitles may as well read....


Actually I haven't eaten or slept or talked to myself (probably have but I no longer notice - like when you are in a relationship with someone who is always talking - even during Fauda - and you just learn to tune them out). I'm not sure if it is raining or snowing because the blinds are drawn.

I have a migraine from reading without my glasses and I also have a migraine from reading with my glasses. It's like I have read a novel in a half while on this Fauda binge. I may need a new eye glass prescription before the series is done and that would mean leaving my home and putting Fauda on pause. I don't think you can even pause Fauda - I think it is beyond pausing - it would just keep going.

I haven't even had my Nespresso because I fear that ingesting caffeine while watching Fauda would be the equivalent of doing crack cocaine, speed and heroine all at once (not that I know anything about any of those drugs but I really liked Pulp Fiction).

It's reminiscent of Homeland however I feel the characters in Homeland are more complex or have been explored on a deeper level. Claire Danes is such a great actress and the awareness they bring to Bipolar illness and mental illness in general is significant and commendable.

The women on Fauda are all beautiful and let me tell you fellas -  women can appreciate other women on a whole other level. Women are beautiful - they are awesome and my mother wishes I would dress like one.

There are also some steamy love scenes - somewhat raw and rushed but If I smoked I would have a cigarette after each one (because that is what they do in the movies when two people meet up at a motel for an illicit affair - they share a cigarette after and a shot of whiskey or tequila and the whole ritual is kind of intriguing. I would be more likely to take a shower and eat some cheesecake and go to sleep and i guess that is why no one is having an illicit affair with me - cheesecake anyone?)

Anyway now I have gone completely off topic and I need to get back to eating my chips while both reading and watching my show (and trying to get Dunn's to deliver me strawberry cheesecake by osmosis).

I think I just sat on my glasses or kettle chips - no - wait - it was the kettle chips!!!


Are you watching Fauda?

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