When a loved one passes and the initial shock sets in (and it is shock whether they have been sick and suffering for years or they go suddenly); one of the most difficult realities we face is the understanding that we will never see that person again - not in this life - not in this world.

How can that be? How absurd and cruel and mysterious is this factor of death?

The comfort that I have found and that I wish for you,  is that my loved ones have visited me in my dreams. There was a delay and I don't  know if it was because their souls had to set somewhere beautiful and mystical or if it was my own subconscious protecting me and allowing a period of mourning.

What I do know is that having them visit me in my dreams has always felt very real and so I choose to believe that it is so. 

Beyond shock, disbelief, unfairness and so much pain; these visits will help heal, comfort and assure you that you are not alone and that their souls will travel with you throughout your life and until the end of time.

They ensure that you will never forget their faces, their voices and their overall presence.

 They sometimes appear as dancing shadows - silhouettes waltzing across the ceiling; a place I search for answers in the darkness and in the light.

I believe in rainbows.

I believe in bridges that connect us to the souls we loved in our lifetimes.

I believe that those who have gone miss us as much as we miss them.

And I believe that if they could write our names in the sky - they would.

 Sending you comfort and the hope of many spectacular visits

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