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Jul 4, 2012

I'm a "Belieber" - How About YOU?

I’m middle aged and I’m a “Belieber” – This is my deep and meaningful story
I’m not alone. I’m not the only one. But other middle aged women may not admit this. They may be in the Belieber Closet. Not me. I’m coming out. 
When people question the value and ROI of Social Media, I say two words to them (and many more words in my head):
Justin Bieber.
Then I look away and just when they think they’ve lost my attention, I look them in the eye and await their response.
I have to admit that when Justin Bieber (whose name I will repeat as often as possible in this Blog post because hey if I do that, I don’t even need any other keywords – that is my overall SEO strategic plan) first came on the scene, I was skeptical. I figured it would be a passing thing, this cute little Canadian teen whose lyrics consisted of “Baby Baby Baby Baby” and whose haircut was just too perfect.
I am ashamed to admit that I continued to be a non-Belieber until a flight home from the Bahamas about two years ago when I made an odd decision and chose “Never Say Never” (Bieber’s bio-pic) to watch on the plane.
I learned about how multi-talented he is – plays drums, guitar and piano. He sings and has great range. He is a nice kid. He loves his Grandparents, his Mom and at the time of the filming of the movie, he still played with his childhood friends in his old  neighbourhood where he and his mother struggled with poverty living on food stamps and eating at a local soup kitchen.

He gives back and he pays it forward. He supports much of the funding for the very same food bank/soup kitchen that fed him and his mom. He visits a ton of sick kids all over the world (including a little girl who he flies with her family to meet him back stage at his concerts). He was on Ellen one day and she was featuring a school for youth at risk in a poor area of Vegas. He was so touched by the story and the work of the founder that he made a pledge to not only visit the school and do a live concert but also to provide them with much needed funding. There’s this shot of him telling the Principal (who has given her life, her blood, her soul to this project and to her students) that he is donating hundreds of thousands of dollars and then you see her break down and cry and he hugs her as if she was his mom with so much love and affection and it’s real.
That’s how I see Justin Bieber – I see him as a son I would be proud of and as a very wealthy, mega-famous celebrity who remembers where he came from and who has grounding from his upbringing and his mom’s awesome support.
I did have a concern that perhaps after his last album and him being somewhat of “girl candy” that he may disappear – take off in the night with his famous girlfriend Selena Gomez and settle down somewhere in Montana away from everything and everyone (oh no, wait that’s John Mayer).
However I just finished watching the two part documentary “Believe” which centers around his worldwide tour – 7 countries, 19 cities – something like that and let me tell ya – he has not lost his touch and if anything there are even more girls out there wanting to get a piece of him even at 18 yrs of age and without the infamous hair-do.
His warmth shines through in this documentary as well. He is still giving lots of love to sick kids including the aforementioned girl who actually joins his crew in a pre-concert all hands in cheer. He flies his father (we don’t know or hear much about him except that he is a musician of some sort and has his own new family) and his little step sister out to join him on part of the tour and he falls asleep with her in his arms after a long concert (beautiful shot).
He does everything he can to meet as many fans as possible even if he slightly endangers himself by getting close to the outreached hands, arms and other body parts of his screaming, crying, Beatle-like female fans.
He works crazy hours and can’t go anywhere like us regular folk do because no matter where he goes he is recognized and chased.
When a generator erupts during a free concert he is giving in an area of NYC where the kids could not otherwise afford to see him in concert, he gets right on stage, the room fully lit and silent except for the screaming fans and he does an impromptu show including playing the drums, singing without any music whatsoever, dancing, playing his guitar and simply talking to and with the audience.  He didn’t pack up and go back to the hotel with an announcer saying “sorry the show is done due to equipment malfunction”.  No, he went out there and did whatever he could to give them the show they came to see and to give them a piece of himself.
I am not the only middle aged or at least non teen that is a Belieber – he is visited backstage by Adam Sandler, Katie Perry, Kelly Clarkson, several late night talk show hosts and of course Usher – his mentor and founder and Carly Rae Jepson who Bieber signed to his label and as he put when announcing her onto the stage – "paid it forward like someone had done for him."
How much is Justin Bieber worth? Well he was recently on the cover of Forbes. They were talking about how he invests some of his money in various on-line companies and in the past 2 years has earned hundreds of millions of dollars. He doesn’t have much time to spend it and he is carefully mentored, supported, watched, loved and guided by his on-road family including his manager (and the person who really discovered him) Scooter Braun.
If you listen to the tracks on his new album Believe, you will hear a bit of Justin Timberlake, a bit of Usher and a lot of Bieber at an all new soulful 18 years of age.
Do I think he will still be around – rocking – making girls scream – touring the world to sold out concerts (each of his two shows in NYC at sold out in 30 seconds and his entire world tour sold out in less than one hour), visiting sick kids in the hospital, donating money to much needed causes, playing all those instruments and dancing and laughing and just being ever so adorable?
Yes – I do – because I am a “BELIEBER”

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