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Jun 22, 2013

The Secrets You Keep

It starts like this…something happens that you don’t want anyone to know about.

Eventually it becomes a beast that eats at your soul. You need to release it and share it with someone else; someone you trust who has skin in the game because they have told you their secrets.

These secrets are usually “life changers” – the ones about your relationships.

You’ll regret this because the relationship, the hemming and the hawing that goes on and on – the battle in your mind – should I be with this person – should I move on – do they love me? – do I love them? – do they make me love myself?  The things they have done to you and you are doing to them…

These are best left alone. There is no room for 3. Eventually the person you tell will run onto the playing field like a coach telling you how to win the game. 

The spectacular secrets are the ones you have never told another living soul and they could light a room on fire.

Deeply rooted in your foundation, they are the reason you stay standing and the reason you are down on your knees. 

Reminders of people, places, kisses and mistakes;insecurities that have you pinned to the wall, regrets that smother you under a blanket of shame.

They are painful, dark and begging to be scratched.

And just as that one sacred secret teeters on the tip of your tongue, you step back and remember that every secret you tell is one secret too many.

Once told, it can never be untold. 

A Secret is a Secret.

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