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Apr 2, 2012

What do you regret?


It's a tough pill to swallow.

It's part of life.

It's usually about doing something you shouldn't have done or being with someone you shouldn't have been with or saying something that never should have been said.

I have regrets and so do you. As humans we are programmed to make many, many mistakes before we figure things out for ourselves. It's our trial and error, our "I think I'll do this and see what happens next" even though you pretty much know what will happen next.

But you know what is worse than regret - not regretting - I mean how much fun is that?

What if we did everything right the first time and there were no second, third, fourth, etc tries?

What if we met the person we were going to spend our lives with at the start of our lives and therefore never bothered to meet any other potential partners?

What if we never drank too much or smoked too much and were never sitting on the bathroom floor staring into the toilet bowl promising ourselves (and the poor soul who is holding our hair back) "I will never drink again." What if we never got to say that because we never knew what it felt like to drink too much or eat too much or smoke too much or have too much sex (is that possible?)

What about romance regret? How often have you reflected upon the lovers you have had in your life? How often have you regretted allowing someone to be on such an intimate level with you who chose to hurt and betray you? How painful is that regret and does it ever really go away or do you carry it into bed with each new lover?

And if you could undo just one single thing that you did in your life that you forever regret - what would it be?

It seems as we grow older, we are either too wise or too tired and fed up to deal with regrets so we avoid the big stresses and nurture the stuff that really counts. 

We become experts at burying those regrets under the tattered couch cushion along with the other crumbs from the flaky crust of our lives.

You wake up to a new day, you go from here to there and back again and if you listen carefully you can hear your inside voice saying:

"I have no regrets"

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