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Sep 13, 2011

I've Decided to Become a Model

I woke up this morning and it just came to me. I don't know why it took so long. I know how I am going to supplement my income. I am going to become a model.

I've already had two shots taken for my portfolio. They are included in this post. Please let me know which one you feel would be more effective. I can't decide this on my own. I guess I am somewhat bias.

As I write this, I am working on various poses. One is this thing where I suck my cheeks in and I face the camera from a side angle. It really shows off the bridge of my nose and the corner of my chin. I think it's wonderful.

I'm going to have to shop for some new clothes. I was thinking about buying suspenders - not a fashion statement but to keep my pants up because let's face it, I have no hips.

I have this brilliant idea. I am going to become The Tomboy Model of all time. Here's the slogan that will go with all of my ads:

"I'm not a boy but you can call me Tom" Get it - like Tomboy.

I think I'll purchase a few lumber shirts cause those look really good on me and maybe even a pair of Kodiak boots. Do you remember Kodiaks? They were very popular when I was a kid. Everyone wore them but now only construction workers wear them. Odd?

My hair - what to do with my hair? Well up until now, the way I have managed it has been by cutting it all off. That makes it really easy. I wonder if that will go over well in the world of modeling?

Of course I have to find an agency to represent me. That may be tough. Maybe my mother can represent me. She thinks I'm beautiful although she has mentioned she prefers I dress nicer and act more like a girl. Maybe she isn't the best person to serve as my agent.

Oh, wait, I have an idea. Mike Azeff - he can be my agent. He's in one of the photos with me and well don't tell him I told you but he has always been somewhat in love with me. Something about my being an "older woman" and knowing the "ways of the world". What can I say? Young men see me and they just can't hold themselves back.

I wonder if I have to wear make-up? I really have no idea how to put on lip stick or mascara or eye liner. Maybe I'll just buy some of that foundation stuff and rub it all over my face. Yeah, that will work.

Anyway I have to go because there is so much to do before my big debut. Look for me on the billboards and remember to vote for the best of these two photos. Your votes mean so much to me and my mother.

There's nothing like being inspired by the magical things in life.

Love yourself and smile.

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