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Jan 22, 2012

Life is a Towel

Towels of my life.

3 yrs old, cold, shivering, running out of the gated kids area at Blossom Pool, my mother, kneeling, open towel, wrap around me, warm, fabric softener scent, hug, love, safe.

Guest - friends country house - age 11 - weekend in winter - new discovery - some families have two houses - one for the week - one for the weekend - we don't - here is the guestroom, here is the washroom and here is your towel - large, plush - it may even be new - yes I think they gave me a new towel - welcome.

Boyfriend - Me - first shower with someone other than myself - towel on, towel off - all weekend long - fun, exciting, daring - and lots of towels.

Grandmother - MS - confined to bed for 40 years - paralyzed from neck down - forehead as in head as in only part of body she can feel - heating up - fever - me 16,towel - cold water - hold gently on her against her forehead - brush of fingers to her cheek - does she know I love her? - does she know I wish I could fix her? - get another towel - wet it with cold water - switch towels - a cold towel on her forehead - the only thing that makes her feel alive.

Husband - Throat/Jaw surgery - 3-4 hrs turns into 12 hours - bleeding out - blood transfusion - induced coma - no one coming to get me in waiting room - regular room cancelled - ICU bed instead - pale, blood on gown, helpless, what if? - out of coma - recovering - towel - 24/7 - keep them clean - keep them dry - from mouth to chin - make sure he doesn't choke - make sure his gown stays dry - towel my hand to his mouth.

Nephew - First bath - babysitting - rubber duckies - laughter - eye contact - his eyes watching my lips move as I sing "Rubber Ducky You're The One - You make bath time so much fun" - careful - slippy - precious - towel - holding him - his hands around my neck - Johnson's Baby Shampoo - Powder - gentle towel dry to tiny head of hair - his head falling against my shoulder - one of life's best moments - together in a towel.

Me - sick - weight loss - shivers - weak - needing help not wanting to ask for it - husband - running bath - husband carrying me to bath - warmth - clean - refreshed - husband - wrapping towel around me - wrapping himself around me - unconditional love in a towel.

Life, love, loss, laughter, pain, comfort.

Get me a towel.

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