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Oct 1, 2011

Colin Farrell - Run Through My Grass

I want to run through the tall, green grass with Colin Farrell. Of course we would do so in his homeland of Ireland. Let me explain.

When I have a fight with my husband and we call each other names and we are stuck in the car together for a 1.5 hr drive, it's unpleasant. I should know better than to argue in the car because short of jumping out (which I have considered), I am stuck with him.

So here is what I do to escape the situation mentally.

 I fantasize of running away to a far off country such as Ireland and finding a small seaside villa that overlooks the ocean from a cliff (thus seaside). The mountains are rich in aqua colours of green and wildflowers grow everywhere and as soon as I touch down on this great land, Colin Farrell appears from behind a tree and reaches out his hand and says (in his Irish accent not the fake American one)"I've been waiting for you. Let's go for a walk in the tall green grass."

So we go for a lovely walk and then he says "I'm really, really hungry - can you make me some fried cod?"

To which I reply "Sure" even though I have no cooking skills whatsoever.

So Colin leaves to fish for the cod (somewhere in Ireland where I am not sure they even have cod) and I decide to draw a bath (having no interest in frying cod).

Then suddenly my dream is interrupted by my husband who has stopped at the gas station and is asking me if I want anything to which I reply:

"A Drakes Coffee Cake and some really bad gas station coffee"

Then I returne to Colin who has joined me in the bath (because this is my dream). He is rubbing my sore shoulders and neck and swishing the frothy soap across my back.

Then suddenly my dream is interrupted by my husband as we arrive at the cottage, unpack and take out the dogs; after which I make my way out onto the patio under a starlit sky and continue my repeatedly interrupted dream fantasy of Colin Farrell.

So we are in the bath still....and I work up the nerve to turn around and find his lips and kiss them passionately. And guess what? He is kissing me back. I am freaking out but not so that he can see and I can't wait for what comes next and then...suddenly

My dream is interrupted by my husband who asks -

"What do you want to have for dinner?"

To which I reply "Fried Cod" (hoping my husband will go fishing and leave my time to complete my dream however he does not fish and I don't think there are any cod in our neck of the woods).

At this moment, reality hits and I realize that my husband can't fish, I cant' cook and I'm definitely not in Ireland.

The moral of the story: Just go ahead and have the argument in the car that you have every time you are in the car with your husband. The one that goes like this..."Slow Down" - "Learn how to Drive before you tell me to slow down. I'm not even going fast."

And save your Colin Farrell fantasy for when you go to sleep. By then your husband will be sleeping in front of the TV and there won't be any interruptions.

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