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Oct 28, 2017


Of all the things we experience in our lifetimes - love is undeniably the most significant.

Love gives and receives. It makes us feel alive even when we are near death.

It's the one thing we can take with us because in the end; love departs hand in hand with our souls.

When we are in crisis, the first thing we reach for is love.

It provides an escape from our worries and obsessions as it wraps its arms around us and whispers "You are not alone - I will always walk beside you."

Love knows us better than we know ourselves.

Love leads us to where we are supposed to be on the purest and most intimate level.

There are no rubber bands for love, no walks or bike rides, yet love is the force behind all of the causes that drive us to be there for our families and friends.

So if you are feeling empty, remember that love is waiting around the corner to remind you why you are here.

Go love and then love some more.

For my parents  - For your parents -  the first to give us love and watch over us as we carry its fragile wings and release them to fly.

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