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Feb 14, 2015

Kiss Me

Kiss Me





Rock Me

Fill Me


Rescue Me

Hold Me

Explore Me




In the dark

In the light






Taste Me

Tasting You






All of


All of


Accept Me

Respect Me

Kiss Me

For all of those who have found love and to the brave souls who are willing to try and find it again.

Sep 4, 2011

Making Love & Being in Love

Being in love is an incredibly, powerful feeling. It carries you from every day oblivion into a mind-blowing cluster of intense passion and desire.

I don't know why we fall in love with certain people. Although in most instances, I have always felt that the people I have most been in love with; I knew in a past life.

There is nothing quite as intense and hypnotic as those first few months together making love.

When I think of being in love and making love, I think of deep, warm kisses. I think of lying in bed in the dark, buried under the covers, speaking softly about things that I share no where else, with no one else. I think of how magical it feels to melt into one another; nothing in-between except the energy of our lustful love.

I am reminded of the stillness, skin to skin, loving, caring, floating effortlessly.

Photo by Edward Eyers

When was the last time you made love to someone, disconnecting from the world and all the worries? Can you remember how it felt to surrender into the arms of someone you could trust to hold you with your eyes closed and your mind at ease? When was the last time you discovered someone discovering you?

When you are in love you pretty much eat, sleep and breathe "happy" chemicals. Everything seems brighter, better and effortless. It's a drug you become addicted to; you can't wait for your next hit and you feel as if you cannot live without it.

I remember my lover's eyes - open, wide open just for me to take a journey through to his heart and soul.

I remember the warmth of his body against mine. I remember having my head upon his chest; his breath rising and falling beneath my body.

I remember his mouth, his tongue, his lips, dancing across my body, brush painting my skin and drinking the desire from my pours.

I remember that incredible rush of chemicals - the deep, slow inhale, the inevitable, delicious exhale and sharing that arc of pleasure.

Making love is a fruitful, fantastic waltz, that moves and sways beautifully into the darkness, into the light.

And with the right person at the right time; there is nothing quite like it. better times.

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