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Mar 14, 2012

Leonberger Nation on Pinterest - Pin Me

My name is Joli and I am in Leonberger Nation.

(This is an excerpt from my travel blog

Do you remember when you were a kid (before computers and smartphones and Coke Zero) and you and your family posted stuff on a bulletin board?

Sometimes it was an article from a newspaper or your report card or your class picture or a photo of your dog.

Well we've come a long way and now instead of having a physical bulletin board, we have Pinterest - an on-line board where we "pin" our interests and stuff we want to share.

With our board we celebrate Leonbergers - this is the part where you say "you celebrate what?"

Leonbergers were bred in Europe to look like Lions. They are known as gentle giants and can weight up to 180lbs. They are excellent swimmers and rescue dogs. They have warm loyal hearts and soft souls.

We love dogs and know that often they have to travel a long way to find the right family at the right time. We also appreciate that many families take their dogs on vacation because they simply cannot stand to be away from them nor do they want to leave them at a kennel.

We celebrate Leonbergers - We celebrate Dogs - We celebrate Travel

We are Leonberger Nation.

Visit us on Pinterest.

You Pin us and we'll Pin you.

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